// Responsive images (ensure images don't scale beyond their parents) // // This is purposefully opt-in via an explicit class rather than being the default for all ``s. // We previously tried the "images are responsive by default" approach in Bootstrap v2, // and abandoned it in Bootstrap v3 because it breaks lots of third-party widgets (including Google Maps) // which weren't expecting the images within themselves to be involuntarily resized. // See also https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/18178 .img-fluid { @include img-fluid; } // Image thumbnails .img-thumbnail { padding: $thumbnail-padding; background-color: $thumbnail-bg; border: $thumbnail-border-width solid $thumbnail-border-color; @include border-radius($thumbnail-border-radius); @include box-shadow($thumbnail-box-shadow); // Keep them at most 100% wide @include img-fluid; } // // Figures // .figure { // Ensures the caption's text aligns with the image. display: inline-block; } .figure-img { margin-bottom: $spacer / 2; line-height: 1; } .figure-caption { @include font-size($figure-caption-font-size); color: $figure-caption-color; }